Add-On Solutions and Connectivity

Add-On Solutions and Connectivity

Identity management and access governance is at the core of IT security.


Secure the Enterprise Identity Frontier

Omada’s solution is designed to secure the enterprise identity frontier by detecting and remediating identity related security breaches. The Reference Architecture includes a dedicated integration layer that enables Omada Identity to operate regardless of what systems and applications it integrates to. The integration layer extends the functionality by enabling integration and easily add more applications quickly, easily, and seamlessly without touching the source data model.

Omada Identity integrates with User Behavior Analytics, PAM, Security Monitoring, and Cyber Security solutions from a wide range of market-leading vendors to enable efficient responses to identify breaches.

Privileged Access Management

Omada provides technical integration with PAM vendors, and regularly advise customers on strategic access models when using both IAM and PAM.

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User Behavior Analytics

Provide a comprehensive solution for documenting the actions of privileged users and to respond to potential threats in real time.


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SAP Connectivty Framework

For organizations that utilize SAP, Omada’s SAP Connectivity Framework provides a flexible approach to integrate SAP and your other target systems.

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Microsoft Azure

Govern access across hybrid scenarios, by integrating seamlessly with Azure AD


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Download: Omada Identity - Solution Overview

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