Access Management

Access Management

Improve the efficiency of your user administration quickly by automating access management processes.




Request and Approve Access to IT Systems

Handling of processes for on-boarding, transferring, and off-boarding employees, dealing with requests for access rights, and adapting access rights to organizational changes is time-consuming and error prone without a centralized system.

Lack of defined and enforced access management often results in employees not having access rights removed promptly when they leave the organization, and the ‘Least Privilege’ principle may not be applied consistently.

Improve Organizational Efficiency

Organizations can improve the efficiency of the user administration quickly by automating access management processes:

  • Implementing business processes driven by changes to HR data, for example triggering tasks for the manager when a new employee is entered in the HR system. Having automated approval processes in place lowers administrative efforts while maintaining a high security level.
  • Implementing role-based access management, where access rights are granted based on an identity’s position in one or more hierarchies (such as organizational unit or project), removes the need for requests for every access, as most are granted automatically based on the job profile of the identity.
  • For access that is not covered in the role model, a centralized access request process allows end users to request access in a single portal that also triggers workflows for approval and provisioning.

These three areas improve the efficiency of access management, and at the same time provide an audit trail so it is possible to track each access request made, whether initiated by HR changes, self-service requests, or assigned by a role model.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced work load and IT costs by implementing business processes and self-service access requests
  • Automated and secure granting of birth rights with role lifecycle management
  • On-demand audit trail of all access requests, facilitating process analysis and optimization


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