Identity Lifecycle Management

Identity Lifecycle Management

Efficient Management and Control of Identities Lifecycles

Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) processes enable the granting of access rights according to defined roles, rules, and policies.

This includes standard on-boarding and off-boarding processes of employees and contractors, as well as the granting or revocation of access to resources as a user’s relationship to the business changes.

The processes are powered by Omada’s standard Business Processes. To support automated provisioning and de-provisioning of users’ access the solution includes the Omada Provisioning Service. Target system provisioning can be automated from policy-driven access rules and defined roles, or can be manual, supported by integration with a service desk solution.

For connectors between Omada Provisioning Service and target systems, Omada offers a large range of standard connectors. Furthermore, Omada provides an extensive API framework for easy development of custom connectors

Application Lifecycle Management

The Application Lifecycle Management processes in the solution enables on-boarding of new applications as a virtual resource including setting default access rights based on the existing Identity Management framework. As business and systems owners change roles over time, the Application Lifecycle Management processes can be used to ensure the appropriate transfer of privileges and alerting of dependencies. The same end-to-end process manages off-boarding of applications, where the appropriate identity dependencies are managed and decommissioned.

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