Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analysis

Assess your business’ compliance status.




Monitor Access to IP and Data

Legislation and industry-specific regulations require IT auditors and data protection officers (DPOs) to obtain detailed information about access policies and user permissions. In order to achieve successful audits, you must be able to generate audit ready reports and maintain a complete audit trail of users’ access rights across on-premise and cloud-based systems.

Compliance with regulatory legislation and internal security policies is increasingly a critical issue for senior management. Organizations must be able to monitor access to IP and data and provide detailed reports that document access governance intelligence.

Enterprise-Ready Reporting

Omada’s powerful reporting and analysis functionality helps you prepare easily for audits with enterprise-ready reporting based on governance policies, enterprise roles, and access data. The solution delivers audit-ready reporting with a complete audit log, catalogue of compliance reports, online forensic analysis, and manager dashboards. The solution enables managers and auditors to assess the organization’s regulatory compliance status at any given time.

The reporting and analytics functionality will uncover any toxic access rights combination or separation of duties (SoD) violations, and in that case – how and when the violation was approved. Also, analytics can be the foundation for efficient role-mining – determining instances of similar specific access requests, or special functions, so new roles can be added.

Business Benefits

  • Reduces the time and cost involved in compliance reporting for identity and access management
  • On-demand audit of users’ access rights in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Automated compliance reporting and preparation for audits
  • Easy access to audit information, including both online forensic analysis and scheduled immutable reports for auditors
Compliance Dashboard

Compliance Dashboard

Omada Identity provides a unique ‘Compliance Dashboard’. The dashboard renders compelling insights into connected systems, showing the exact compliance level and data quality level per application and system. From the high level overview, it is possible to drill down into detailed data. The process can be repeated to ensure that critical findings have been remediated.

Complete Data Insight

  • Complete audit trail and history of changes to permissions, requests, approvals
  • Intuitive graphical presentation of data for business users / managers
  • Drill-down functionality from overview reports to granular details
  • Online forensic analysis for immediate security actions
  • Easily modify reports based on data, such as time periods, connected systems, and identities
  • Intuitive user interface allows for easy configuration of dashboards
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