Core IGA Functionalities

Core IGA Functionalities

Best practice identity management and access governance functionalities in one integrated solution.

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High-Level Identity Management and Access Governance Functionality

Omada Identity delivers a fully featured process framework for core identity management and access governance functionalities, that improves IT security, ensures compliance control, and enables business efficiency.

Best Practice IGA Processes

With almost two decades of experience helping organizations implement IGA, Omada has pioneered many of the bast practices in use today. To support a quality implementation, Omada Identity provides a range of built-in processes for best-practice identity management and access governance.

Key capabilities include:

  • Identity lifecycle management
  • Access management
  • Access reviews and certification
  • Self-service access requests and approvals
  • Segregation of duty policies
  • Role lifecycle management
  • Audit reporting

All these capabilities are essential for enabling organizations to continuously meet security, compliance and efficiency needs for managing users and their access.

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Core IAM Functionality

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