Omada Identity Suite

Omada Identity Suite

Core identity management and access governance functionality in one integrated solution

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High-Level Identity Management and Access Governance Functionality

Omada’s Identity Suite delivers a fully featured process framework for core identity management and access governance functionalities, that improves IT security, ensures compliance control, and enables business efficiency.

End-to-End IGA Solution

Omada Identity Suite delivers comprehensive IGA functionality on-premises or as-a-service. The end-to-end solution allows organizations to manage and govern all identity types (privileged users, employees, contractors, business partners, customers, devices, and machine identities) and manage access to all resources across systems, applications, and cloud resources. In addition, Omada provides a clear and consistent path for organizations that migrate users and their access from on-premises to hybrid to multi-cloud solutions.

Built on Microsoft technology, supporting heterogeneous environments including SAP, the Omada Identity Suite is an ideal and future-proof choice. The adoption investment is very low, as the solution uses standard interfaces, technologies and concepts already familiar to organizations using Microsoft technology.


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Complete Access Overview

Omada’s solution empowers enterprises to manage identities across hybrid IT systems. The flexibility of the solution allows a high degree of configurability, enabling organizations to meet business specific requirements. This approach reduces the need for custom development, decreasing deployment time, so ROI is achieved quickly. 

Central to the Omada implementation approach and the Omada reference architecture is to enable enterprises to get in control of users’ entitlements across a wide range of systems, and at the same time enable them to scale and stay in control for the future.

The fundamental principle of the architecture is to import and capture all identity and access related data from target systems. Combined and matched up with HR and entitlement data this import determines the actual state of identities, entitlements, and access rights.


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