Cloud-Based Identity Governance and Administration - IAM-as-a-Service

Cloud-Based Identity Governance and Administration - IAM-as-a-Service

Shorten the time to achieve business value of your identity governance (IGA) program, using Omada Identity Suite as-a-Service (OISaaS) – the cloud native version of our renowned on-premises product

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The advancement of cloud-based services creates new challenges and opportunities for managing user identities and access, which has never been more important and challenging. Rising technology adoption is leading to high levels of complexity. This makes organizations more vulnerable to security related threats and it creates inefficiency. Therefore, it is vital that technologies, processes and policies are in place to provide the right people with the right access at the right time in a secure, compliant, and auditable manner.

Omada offers a comprehensive cloud-delivered identity governance and administration solution, OISaaS, based on the best-practice standards of Omada Identity Suite. With Omada OISaaS, you get a rapid entry point to IAM-as-a-Service with all the benefits that follow from an identity management and access governance solution, such as a higher level of efficiency, security, and compliance, without the burden and complexity of having to operate the system yourself.

Do you have the following challenges?

Do you have the following challenges?

  • Difficulty compiling a simple and quick overview of which users have access to which systems and applications
  • The complexity and management of your present identity management system (IAM) system is resource intensive and time consuming
  • You are getting audit remarks regarding insufficient control of user identities and their access
  • You would rather focus on business activities than use resources on IT and identity governance operations

Cloud Delivered Identity Management Built on Best Pratices

Make the most of your resources by selecting Omada OISaaS to administrate, govern, and protect your IT infrastructure and sensitive information assets with automated policies, processes, and management of access, based on Omada's best-practice process framework.

Omada’s cloud-delivered OISaaS is a dedicated identity management (IAM) solution with identity governance capabilities that connects to business critical on-premises systems like Active Directory, SharePoint, RACF, and SAP and commonly used cloud applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, EPIC and dozens of others.

The OISaaS solution runs as-a-service on Microsoft Azure and centrally handles multiple Active Directory forests, and multiple Azure and Office 365 subscriptions.

Benefits of Omada Identity Suite as-a-Service (OISaaS)

Shorten Time to Value:

Provisioning within minutes, leaving organizations to focus only on configuration to match their environment

Highly Configurable Processes:

Rich guidance on best practice identity governance processes easy to configure in the system

Lower Total Cost of Ownership:

Operates on a pay-as-you-go model with lower total cost of ownership, simple price structure based on commitment

Flexibility and Scale to Need:

The service automatically scales as business requirement change, or other external factors occur

Enterprise Ready Operation:

Features such as health monitoring, data center redundancy, automated disaster recovery, and continued patching ensuring the service is reliable and ready to serve the needs

Service Delivery and Support:

Dedicated service delivery and support team available 24x7x365 operated by Omada trained/certified support personnel or the specialist team building the product

Building Blocks for Successful Identity Governance and Administration

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