Omada CIAM

Omada CIAM

Enhance customer experience with Customer Identity and Access Management.




Seamless Access to Digitized Services

Enterprises strive to offer customers and external partners innovative digitized services, but struggle to find the right balance between a seamless customer experience and robust security measures. On one hand, security teams need to protect customers' privacy data against fraud or theft, while on the other hand they need to manage customer access to multichannel services and data - offering high performance, usability, and support.

Obtain the same security level for your external and internal identities

With Omada Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) you’re able to manage external identities with the same level of security and access governance as for your internal identities. With a web-based portal for self-registration you can encourage your customers and external partners to engage with your company while ensuring data privacy and security. Combining Omada identity and access management with CIAM ensures maximum return on investment as CIAM utilizes the powerful Omada Identity with its components, advance business flows, and governance features.

Personalize your services and boost business opportunities

With Omada CIAM you achieve and remain control of all identity types, throughout the entire customer lifecycle – from joining, updating their profile, to leaving. The solution improves user experience by streamlining your digitized customer services, empowering your customer interaction.

81% of enterprises surveyed by Forrester are implementing or plan to implement a CIAM solution

Source: Forrester
Omada’s CIAM solution turns anonymous visitors into known customers

Omada’s CIAM solution turns anonymous visitors into known customers

  • Provides frictionless registration for your customers - increasing customer acquisition rates
  • Enables your customers to create their own profile, and easily perform self-service registration and social login
  • Delivers preference management and allows your customers to control their personal profile
  • Helps you gain deeper customer insights across all your channels
  • Supports creating a unified customer view
  • Ensures fast onboarding of your customers to digitized business services
  • Enables you to create and develop customer relationships
  • Allows you to balance customer experience with security and compliance
Download: Omada Identity - Solution Overview