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Omada Essential

Meet Compliance Demands Quickly - take a Shortcut to Getting Compliant and Staying in Control


Step up your Compliance Effort

Cyber Security threats and strict legislation such as the approaching application of EU GDPR mean that companies are under immense time pressure to get compliant in time. They need to take action and find pragmatic solutions to get ahead of the curve – avoiding hefty fines and preventing them from losing business opportunities.

Sensitive data is often spread through a multitude of ERP systems, CRM systems, HR systems, file shares, various cloud applications, and multiple legacy applications. Likewise, data is shared with contractors, outsourcing providers, and across organizational departments, thus making it difficult to establish efficient overview and control of identities and access.

Benefit from Omada’s best-practice solution scope that enables you to think big, start small, and scale fast. Omada Essential can be implemented in a short period of time to secure that the most urgent compliance issues are dealt with first to meet the looming deadlines and demands.

Omada Essential enables you to fullfil core regulatory compliance requirements:

  • Get in control of identity and access data across several core systems (authorized via Active Directory) by being able to document and report on identities and access
  • Remediate wrongful access by shutting it down – e.g. employees or contractors that should not have access to privacy data due to their role within the organization as well as former employees, expired contractors, unused service-accounts etc.
  • Validate and document that remediation has been successfully performed
  • Establish an automated governance process to ensure that you stay in control
Take a Short-cut to EU GDPR Compliance

Take a Short-cut to EU GDPR Compliance

The application of EU GDPR is a game-changer for businesses and drives the need for pragmatic solutions to protect data privacy and document compliance to avoid hefty fines and reputational damage.

In addition to Omada Essential, Omada provides a strong set of governance and administration features for identities and accesses that includes best-practices for the entire identity lifecycle process, policy management, access recertification, reconciliation etc. Customers can configure the solution according to future needs, without any custom development required.

Learn more about EU GDPR and identity management.

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Obtain Strong Cost-Benefit and the Power to Scale

By implementing Omada Essential, you achieve strong cost-benefit and you establish a strong foundation to expand your solution with automated processes, such as lifecycle workflows and self-service, and you can broaden the scope to govern, control, and report on many applications, on premise and in the cloud.

Omada Essential includes the following steps:

  • Installing the solution
  • Extract, importing, mapping, and classifying data from HR system and Active Directory
  • Reporting on important access data to detect and discover identities and access that should be removed
  • Cleaning and remediating data
  • Attesting the validity by managers
  • Validation and documentation of data remediation
  • Set-up of governance processes to maintains continuous compliance
Prepare for the EU GDPR: 8 Steps to reduce your risk and get in control

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