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Omada Identity

Manage identities and govern access to resources across your on-premises and cloud-based IT-environments.

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Next-Generation Identity and Access Management

Empower your organization to speed up its digital transformation journey. Omada Identity delivers an end-to-end identity and access management solution on-premises or as-a-service that delivers essential identity governance functionality for secure, compliant, and efficient administration of all users', employees', partners', customers', and contractors' access across on-premises or cloud-based systems and applications.  


End-to-End Identity and Access Management

Omada Identity delivers comprehensive identity and access management functionality on-premises or as-a-service. The end-to-end IAM solution allows organizations to manage and govern all identity types (privileged users, employees, contractors, business partners, customers, devices, and machine identities) and manage access to all resources across systems, applications, and cloud resources. In addition, Omada provides a clear and consistent path for organizations that migrate users and their access from on-premises to hybrid to multi-cloud solutions.

Built on Microsoft technology, supporting heterogeneous environments including SAP, the Omada Identity is a flexible and future-proof choice that delivers scalable and configurable identity and access management processes with essential identity governance and administration capabilities . The adoption investment is very low, as the solution uses standard interfaces, technologies and concepts already familiar to organizations using Microsoft technology, so your organization can use its inhouse Microsoft skills for the daily operation of the identity and access management solution.


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Integrated Identity Management and Access Governance

Omada's IAM solution is a complete integrated identity and access management solution with comprehensive identity governance capabilities. The solution covers all identity and access related scenarios from providing a comprehensive overview of users' access rights to the ability to apply entitlement management policies to govern user entitlements. The solution is primarily configuration driven, requiring very little customization and will integrate seamlessly with the existing entitlement platform.


Highly Configurable IAM Data Model

The solution empowers organizations to manage identities and access across heterogeneous IT-systems and offers a highly configurable data model that enables organizations to make changes and scale the IT platform according to business requirements. It is possible to automate practically any business process through advanced configuration capabilities. 

The extendable workflow designer easily extends data control to all systems and areas of the business, and built-in best-practice processes for core identity lifecycle management, access management, reporting, compliance control, attestation, provisioning, and access risk management seamlessly adapts identity governance and access control to business processes and reduces identity management costs.

Complete Identity and Access Overview

Omada’s solution empowers enterprises to manage identities across hybrid IT systems. The flexibility of the solution allows a high degree of configurability, enabling organizations to meet business specific requirements. This approach reduces the need for custom development, decreasing deployment time, so ROI is achieved quickly. 

Central to the Omada implementation approach and the Omada reference architecture is to enable enterprises to get in control of users’ access rights across a wide range of systems, and at the same time enable them to scale and stay in control for the future.

The fundamental principle of the architecture is to import and capture all identity and access related data from target systems. Combined and matched up with HR and entitlement data this import determines the actual state of identities, entitlements, and access rights.


Explore Best Practice IAM Functionality

Omada Identity provides built-in best practice processes for successful identity and access management projects with core identity governance capabilities. Right from managing identity and access rights throughout an employees career, ensuring good governance, managing user access across hybrid IT environments, aligning identity management with the business, to deliver detailed access analysis and audit-ready IAM reporting.

Ongoing Access Control IAM-as-a-Service IAM Reference Architecture
Ongoing Access Control

The access overview delivers the foundation for advanced reporting and analytics to determine access compliance. Automated processes for recertification and approval surveys, rules and policies determine whether access rights are compliant and if policies like segregation of duties (SoD) are adhered to.

When the actual state has been verified, processed and enriched, it becomes the desired state. Based on the generated overview of the desired state, policies and workflows are applied to make the required changes. Once changes have been made in the target systems, the data is once again compared and reconciled to the actual state, ensuring that all changes are applied and that the target systems are in sync. 


Get a rapid entry point to identity and access management with all the benefits that is included in a fully featured and configurable identity management and access governance solution for improved efficiency, security, and compliance, without the burden and complexity of having to operate the IAM system yourself. Omada offers a comprehensive cloud-delivered identity and access management solution (IAMasaS), based on the best-practice standards of Omada Identity. 

Omada Identity provided as-a-Service drives your total cost of ownership down. The service is truly scalable, fully supported, runs on Azure, and fullfils the highest compliance and security standards.

Support and operations features include:

  • Automated set-up of the service
  • 24/7/365 operations
  • High performance, high availability, capacity monitoring
  • Dedicated service delivery manager
  • Geo-redundancy
  • Disaster recovery
  • Proactive monitoring of service and data storage performance
  • Dedicated support
  • Patching and maintenance
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Automatic scaling of database to demands in minutes
  • Application monitoring and health check monitoring
IAM Reference Architecture

Omada’s solution empowers enterprises to manage identities across heterogeneous IT systems. The flexibility of the solution allows a high degree of configurability, enabling organizations to meet business specific requirements. This approach reduces the need for custom development, decreasing deployment time, so ROI is achieved quickly. Central to the Omada reference implementation approach and the Omada reference solution architecture is to enable large enterprises to get in control of users entitlements across a very wide range of systems, and at the same time enable them to stay in control for the future.

The identity and access management solution is a modular solution comprising of:

  • A systems integration layer with advanced connectivity to target systems
  • Databases for storing actual state user entitlement data (data warehouse) and calculated user entitlement data
  • Back-end engines driving the solutions workflows, policies and role calculations
  • A web user interface for users (end users and Admins)
Feature Rich Solution

Feature Rich Solution

The feature rich solution is designed from a business perspective providing business users with a simple user experience throughout. 

IAM feature highlights include:

  • Extensible IAM workflows / identity lifecycle management
  • Identity governance best practices
  • Self-service access request portal
  • Segregation of duty (SoD) policy management
  • RBAC and other assignment policies
  • Automated provisioning
  • Validation / reconciliation
  • Compliance reporting
  • Attestation / recertification
  • Self-service password reset
Core features

Building Blocks for Successful Identity Governance and Administration

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