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Implementing identity management and access governance solutions - right from mapping complex business processes to successful go-live



More than IT

Identity management and access governance is the foundation that secures a business. But without proper tools, identity management may result in a massive workload, overloaded helpdesk, security breaches, and poor service levels if processes are handled manually.

IT solutions for identity management are an obvious technology investment as the benefits and ROI are within reach in a reasonably short period of time.


Improve security

The implementation of a business-centric, flexible, fully featured identity management solution provides increased efficiency, saves administrative time and cost, improves security and services and ensures compliance.

However, before your organization is able to reap the benefits of identity management, there are a number of obstacles and considerations to address.

Getting the maximum benefit out of an identity management and access governance solution is more than just implementing software.

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Get it right

Define your requirements and priorities

Get an overview of processes and deal with any organizational issues

Establish defined, described, and built-in policies for access provisioning

Investigate business processes within the company -  define the limitations

Describe automated and manual controls

Think through your company-specific, functional requirements

Define rights and accounts in roles and profiles - that remain consistent

End users - not only IT workers, are involved in the design of the solution

Omada has implemented identity management solutions in large global enterprises such as BMW, Bayer, Vattenfall, Nustar Energy, and Danisco.

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Real-world experience

Omada has more than 10 years of experience implementing and developing solutions for identity management and access governance.

Omada provides both software solutions and consultancy services for projects. Omada’s consultants and developers have undertaken a great number of identity management projects in large, global organizations, and have hands-on experience from some of the world’s largest identity management projects.


Omada Identity Suite

Omada provides the market leading Identity solution – Omada Identity Suite for identity management and access governance – supplemented by a number of consulting services to analyze, define, and deploy identity control.

Omada's consultants provide world-class services for identity management implementations. Benefit from the years of best-practice expertise Omada has obtained working with some of the world’s largest organizations.

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Omada's Identity Management Implementation Expertise


Omada's implementation expertise is acquired and perfected over years of experience designing and implementing complex Identity and Access Governance solutions for global companies. Omada Identity Suite  and Omada’s Professional Services Team creates profound value for companies by combining technology with business insight.

Customers choose Omada's solutions and services because of our proven track record, our understanding of key business challenges and needs of our customers, and our commitment to add value and deliver.


What we do

Omada delivers a variety of services, such as strategy, discovery and design workshops, training course, project implementations, and support services.


Short-term tasks:

Define your roadmap to get your business case aligned to organizational business strategies and objectives

Take control of your user re-certification process to reduce and manage your risk by automating the process utilizing the functionality offered in Omada Identity Suite and meeting compliance regulations

Conduct a proof-of-concept (PoC) based on use case scenarios and best practices to confirm that OIS and FIM technology support your business processes and business objectives and to accelerate subsequent design and deployment, reducing overall effort expended

Analyze organizational roles and design a role-based access control model incorporating automated segregation of duties (SoD) control measures

Design identity management solutions that meet your business requirements and business objectives by connecting people, processes and technology through comprehensive solutions that maximize ROI

Identify the right things to do first to achieve quick wins while keeping long-term business objectives in mind

Plan the work and project approach securing a seamless deployment utilizing the Omada Implementation Metohodology

Introduce new processes and technology in your environment by providing a variety of training options

Define processes to prepare your organization to run the identity management solution and take ownership



Long-term engagements

Achieve successful project implementations of OIS, FIM, and SPGM by applying Omada's Implementation Methodology that combines business consulting and project implementation. Omada's concept drives the project from the beginning with business case definition to the production roll-out and beyond.

Business Case

Omada works alongside your business and IT staff to obtain a detailed understanding of your key business processes, IT infrastructure, business goals and objectives. The data collected during this phase is used to develop the Statement of Work (SoW) and as input to subsequent project implementation phases.

Project Preparation

The project plan, created jointly by Omada and your staff, defines project scope, timeline and milestones, tasks, resources and responsibilities, and describes the project communication and project governance.


Use cases/business requirements are thoroughly mapped to the technology features, creating a detailed Design Document. This document will serve as the foundation for developing and implementing the IAG solution.


Omada creates the first iteration of the IAG solution in a development and test environment. The project team validates the design work of the previous phase by conducting initial testing, and refining the design if necessary. Changes that do not fall within the original Design Document are treated as change requests subject to evaluation of potential impact on cost, timeline, and quality.

Acceptance Testing

The IAG solution is moved into the QA environment to generate user acceptance. A number of tests are conducted with end users in this phase based on test cases defined by the project. The result of the user acceptance testing is a formal approval of the implemented IAG solution.

Preparation for Go-Live

The final go-live check is carried out by Omada to ensure your environment is ready. Training is performed to prepare your organization to run the IAG solution.


The IAG solution is put into operation and Omada delivers the final documentation. We conduct a project evaluation and finalize the project.


Get started

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