Identity and Access Governance Controls Compliance Across Complex IT Environments

Omada's Identity and Access Governance solution efficiently provides a fast and cost effective solution to ensure compliance and complete control over users, accounts and entitlements - across on-premise and cloud applications




Compliance across audited IT systems and data

Organizations are increasingly in demand for solutions that ensure continuous compliance across audited IT systems and data. Compliant organizations must be able to demonstrate control and overview of identities and access across scattered cloud and on-premise systems - either managed on their own or by hosting vendors.


Solution features:

Identity and Access Governance Features 


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Identity and Access Governance Benefits 



Compliance fulfillment

CIOs and CISOs are accountable for compliance fulfillment although systems and data are increasingly outsourced. Such outsourcing is not only initiated by the IT organization but also indirectly by the line of business as they increasingly use cloud applications outside the direct control of the IT organization.


Control and compliance across scattered systems

Omada’s Identity and Access Governance (IAG) solution is designed to solve identity related challenges, and to create control and overview across scattered system landscapes across the datacenter and the cloud.


Leading organizations' preferred choice

Omada’s solution is the preferred choice for leading organizations to provide continuous compliance, deep access intelligence, and complete control over users, accounts, and entitlements. The solution offers a fast and cost effective approach that secures compliance and complete control over users, accounts, and entitlements - regardless of the systems connected and regardless of which fulfillment/provisioning solution is applied, so if a hosting partner uses one or several user provisioning solutions to manage hosted systems, Omada’s IAG solution taps into those systems and collects and stores relevant data to provide a complete and continuous overview and control of your organisation’s access data.


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