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Omada works with market-leading international companies in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa.

Our key focus is identity management and access governance - targeting policies, processes and systems for operation, safeguarding, and controlling companies in compliance with governance directives.


Our project managers, consultants, system architects, and developers possess extensive business insight and know-how. Read about Omada’s skills, solutions, and inspiring cases within these industries:




Banking and Finance

Omada's focus on providing well integrated and practical day-to-day business governance solutions and services has clear appeal to the financial sector. The Banking and Insurance industry is the fastest growing sector in our client portfolio. Omada has delivered solutions and services to banks and insurance companies in both North America and Europe.

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Life Sciences

Omada has solved business governance challenges for market-leading life science companies, providing innovative IT-based solutions and consulting services based on our in-depth expertise.

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Consolidation and centralization of tasks across municipalities, regions, institutions, and organizations create a large potential for streamlining processes. Omada is focused on delivering solutions and services that efficiently streamline processes to release resources, save time and cut administration costs.

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Omada has a very solid expert knowledge of SAP solutions - particularly SAP for the energy sector (SAP IS-U and SAP ERP in general), and implements IT solutions such as trade systems, stock systems, consumption registration (meter reading), billing, accounting and business governance solutions for internal controls.

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Omada has delivered solutions and services to retailers in a number of European countries - both independent retailers as well as consumer brands with their own retail chains.

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Omada has extensive expertise in helping large global enterprises optimize processes and implement business governance solutions for identity and access intelligence, role based access management, segregation of duty, with integration to advanced technologies such as SAP and Microsoft.

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