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If your organization is using a legacy identity solution and lacking mandatory IGA capabilities, Omada offers smooth migration to an advanced suite of solutions

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Efficient Identity Management

Omada Identity Suite is a high performing, feature rich and flexible solution with strong reporting functionalities. The product is recognized for it’s high customer rankings and unique ability to support all common use cases for efficient identity management.


Smooth migration

Omada is highly experienced in migrating from legacy systems and can provide a smooth migration to our platform with limited disruption of daily business.


Effortless Identity Management and Access Governance

Omada's solution supports continuous compliance and automation of IAM processes across on premise and cloud-based applications. Choose the solution that suits your needs:

Learn more about Omada's Effortless Identity management and Access Governance



Replacing Microsoft FIM/MIM

Omada has profound experience with and insights into Microsoft FIM/MIM and is currently:

  • utilizing Microsoft SQL, BI, Reporting services and other components in the Microsoft stack

  • three times worldwide winner of the Microsoft “identity and secure access award”

  • still maintaining/developing one of the biggest installations of the FIM/MIM product suite

Omada is the only solution provider who has sufficient insights into Microsoft Identity Manager and offers an out-of-the-box migration option. This will allow a gradual migration of FIM/MIM to a separate fulfillment layer, with minimal disruption of daily business.  Migrate to Omada for improved efficiency, full compliance and flexibility. 







IAM solution

Encouraged by the successful implementation of the IAM solution, Bayer has taken its identity solution further to assure compliance, deep access intelligence, and complete control over user identities, accounts, and entitlements by also implementing the Omada Identity and Access Governance (IAG) solution.

Full case about Bayer Group's IAM + IAG solution 


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