Omada Governance as a Service


Validate access governance across platforms



Document compliance quickly and easily

Omada Governance as a Service enables you to investigate the protection of your most critical data. The solution provides all the tools and insight needed to remove inappropriate access rights at a glance and document compliance quickly and easily.


Cloud-based or on premise

The solution provides visibility of access data across platforms - cloud-based or on premise - to give you full insight into user access (employees / contractors) to critical data. The service empowers you to validate and ensure that only the right people have access to your organization's critical data. The overview, delivered via powerful dashboards and an automatically generated audit report, controls and documents to which extent users' access to critical data across all platforms is in compliance with regulations and company policies.


Omada Audit Report highlights:


  • Critical access rights granted to employees and contractors without appropriate clearance level

  • Active account for employees and contractors that have left the company

  • Identification of critical data


All findings are available in one document: The Omada Audit Report ►


Access insight in three simple steps

Omada Governance as a Service offers insight and the ability to manage compliance efficiently. Omada's straightforward approach lets you simply upload data, process it, and access dashboard with compliance reports.


Omada Governance as a Service process steps






Download product sheet: Omada Governance as a Service 

Meet regulatory requirements - read more about regulatory requirements of the EU General Data Privacy Reform 


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