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The public sector is complex and faces increasing and often conflicting demands from politicians, businesses, citizens, and employees. While the public sector is subject to cost constraints and budget deficits, users request easily accessible services, reliable information, and improved efficiency. So it is vital to ensure that policies, processes, and systems are targeted to deliver heightened efficiency, strong security, and the most beneficial outcome of investments.


Save time and cut costs in the administration

Consolidation and centralization of tasks across municipalities, regions, institutions, and organizations create a large potential for streamlining processes. Omada delivers solutions and services that efficiently streamline processes to release resources, and save time and cut costs in the administration.


Omada has implemented integrated indentity and access management solutions in a wide range of public organizations




Digital health cures SharePoint compliance challenges

Digital Health required a solution for central management of its user administration in SharePoint. Changes to users’ access rights, creation of new sites – and access to these, as well as termination of users, was handled manually, and was as such a time consuming process.

Passwords were generated and allocated manually and users were unable to change their passwords. Users had to be registered twice due to lack of integration between systems, so first user data would be entered in AD and subsequently typed into SharePoint. 

Download case about SharePoint Governance at Digital Health 

Hassle free job start for new employees at The Danish Ministry of The Environment

The aim of the Centre of Corporate Management within the Danish Ministry of the Environment is to ensure the best possible conditions for the professional and political working environment. The Ministry sought assistance in ensuring a hassle free job start for new employees.

Omada's solution streamlines the work processes of hiring new employees. When a new employee starts up, a large number of activities are required to be carried out, both for the new employee to get a good experience from the start, and also in order for employees to be able to work efficiently as soon as possible. 

Read more about the HR solution at The Danish Ministry of the Environment 

The Ministry of Economics and Business Affairs centralizes identity management

The Danish Ministry of Economics and Business Affairs conducts thorough economic analysis and suggests policy initiatives in areas imperative to economic growth. The Ministries aim was to centralize their IT services to align with structural changes in Danish governmental offices.

The Omada solution was integrated with the Ministry's Active Directory (AD) to automate user provisioning. As Omada Identity Suite is built entirely on Microsoft technology, Omada Identity Suite integrates elegantly with AD and other Microsoft technology to leverage and complement it with compelling functionality.

Download case about the solution at the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs here 






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