Retail Organizations Rely on Omada Identity Suite to Reduce Costs and Automate Employee Lifecycle Management Processes


High employee turnover is a typical challenge in retail organizations. Omada Identity Suite offers smart, scalable and automated processes to manage high volumes. The solution empowers department managers to easily request, approve, and manage access for employees that join, transfer, or leave the organization.


Omada's solution for retail organizations:


  • Automates employee life cycle management

  • Reduces identity compliance costs and saves time

  • Strengthens controls and improves audit performance across on-premise and cloud applications

  • Empowers users to easily request, approve and manage access  


Omada has implemented integrated identity solutions in market leading retail companies




Ecco Shoes manages SAP security and compliance with Omada Identity Suite

“In order to manage SAP security and compliance, it’s important to identify when a user is requesting a critical SAP role or roles that produce a SoD conflict. Omada’s Identity and Access Management solution provides efficient controls for keeping track of users with critical access and SoD violations. With the solution, we can provide auditors the necessary documentation and business justifications when they review our system. Omada’s solution makes critical issues visible and puts SAP security on the agenda”.

Michala Prip - SAP Authorization Manager, ECCO

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Faster service for IT-users at Danish Supermarket Group

“The days when employees stayed with us for 20 years are gone. Many only stay a couple of years, and with 24,000 users on the system, it was a major challenge to set up and allocate access rights. The whole process tied down three or four full-time personnel, and has really weighed on our resources. What made it worse was that we had a huge amount of standard rights codes – around 1,500 – based on job titles, which made it hard to handle. By implementing the Omada solution, we can provide much faster servicing for IT users, giving our customers better service, as the organization is faster to react and adapt."


Large German reseller

Large German reseller streamlines processes with Omada Identity Suite

The Project Manager of a large reseller in Germany states: "We have started our identity management project based on the Omada Identity Suite. With our planned solution we expect to streamline our processes, provide a better service to our IT users, reduce our internal IT costs and we will be able to react very flexible on changing business needs. Additionally we will be able to fulfill our compliance requirements."

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