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Control access to sensitive information and data across cloud and on-premise data stores

Omada Risk Check


Powered by Omada Identity Suite

To determine who has access to your critical business data and detect security vulnerabilities Omada offers a Risk Check Service powered by Omada Identity Suite to give you complete access control, stronger security, and sustainable compliance.


Instant business value

Omada’s Risk Check service delivers instant business value to your organization. The Risk Check provides a consolidated picture across a select number of the most critical applications, such as ERP systems like SAP, Active Directory, and cloud applications.


Compelling insight of risk exposure

The outcome is a compelling insight of risk exposure related to granted access rights. The risk check will clarify which remediating actions are required in order to improve the situation immediately and adhere to compliance regulations, yet doing so without constraints to users’ access to required resources.

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Omada’s risk check approach

An ideal starting point for Omada’s Risk Check is to match two core systems - Active Directory or your network access directory and the authorative source (HR). Next step adds critical systems that are included in IT audits, and more systems may be added as they are implemented.

Based on the gathered data the Risk Check generates a current state report. You can expand functionality to include processes for segregation of duties (SOD) and attestation.


Quickly achieve results

The adaptable approach in the Omada solution enables organizations to quickly achieve results and dynamically expand functionality and systems over time to eliminate IT security vulnerabilities.

As part of the risk check Omada will help you determine which systems and applications should be included in the check, and set-up processes for automated compliance with business policies, segregation of duties, and regulations.


Reports based on identity and access related data

Omada Identity Suite generates reports based on data extracts from HR system / authoratative source and selected target systems like Active Directory, ERP systems, legacy systems, or cloud systems such as Microsoft Office365.



Examples of access information disclosures revealed 
by Omada Risk Check service:


  • Contractors’ accounts remain active in systems after off-boarding

  • Former employees still have access to information and systems

  • Cloud applications where inactive accounts/users are paid for in license fees

  • Current employees’ inappropriate access rights combinations

  • Warning of toxic access rights combinations

  • State of access rights compliance to basic business policies



Tight security and compliance control

As IT landscapes rapidly change and new risks to systems and data occur, Omada’s Risk Check is designed to gradually expand to include more systems, more data, and more identity management features. The flexibility and scalability of the Risk Check consistently ensures tight security and compliance control in line with legislation, policies, and IT audit requirements as they progress.








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Vattenfall optimizes Identity Management with Omada...

"Omada’s solution is helping Vattenfall to meet crucial compliance regulations specific to the energy industry in Germany, as well as improving performance internally by optimizing our Identity Management processes. In a very short timeframe Omada was able to demonstrate our requested functionality. Combined with the high level of service provided by Avanade, the result is that we after just five months of implementation went live with a comprehensive solution that effectively fulfills our Identity Management needs.”

Hans Rösch, Chief Information Officer, Vattenfall Europe

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