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Omada has the technological expertise and business insight to create business-centric solutions


We apply our expertise in business processes to transform and streamline organizations. We help market-leading organizations worldwide to implement complex IT solutions, and we optimize and automate identity management processes - to enable access governance and control compliance.



Implementation services

The implementation of a business-centric, flexible, fully featured identity management solution provides increased efficiency, saves administrative time and cost, improves security and services and ensures compliance.

Getting the maximum benefit out of an Identity management solution is more than just a matter of implementing software. Omada has more than 10 years of experience implementing and developing solutions for Identity management and access governance and has hands-on experience from some of the world's largest projects.

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Risk check services

To determine who has access to your critical business data and detect security vulnerabilities Omada offers a Risk Check Service powered by Omada Identity Suite to give you complete access control, stronger security, and sustainable compliance.

Omada’s Risk Check service delivers instant business value to your organization. The Risk Check provides a consolidated picture across a select number of the most critical applica¬tions, such as ERP systems like SAP, Active Directory, and cloud applications.

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Project management

Omada’s team of management consultants bring in-depth knowledge and real-world experience, to our customers in their business environment and aligned with their organizational culture.

Omada's consultants cover the entire range from trusted advisor to subject matter expert.It is key to our service delivery that solutions, deliverables, and knowledge are handed over to our customers, fit for purpose - in a smooth and controlled manner.

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