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Reduce risk, achieve compliance, unlock organizational efficiency and adapt to change


Efficient governance reporting and attestation

Omada Identity Suite is a technology leading enterprise solution for integrated identity and access management, governance and compliance. Omada Identity Suite provides a dynamic and adaptable yet fully integrated enterprise platform for both identity management and identity governance. This enables efficient governance reporting and attestation and identity administration tailored to organizations in constant change with all the flexibility this requires.


Integrated identity governance and administration

Using a step-by-step approach, Omada Identity Suite provides an integrated identity governance and administration solution that includes closed loop auditing processes and advanced reporting. Identity management projects are often initiated with focus on building a solid cleansed view of all identities in the organization for reporting and regulatory compliance purposes. Once built, OIS automatically enables attestation of permissions and subsequent reporting over time of the improvements.


Adjusts over time without losing consistency

Other organizations focus on automating onboarding, changing, or off-boarding processes of resources and employees and successively use the controlled processes to manage risk and efficiency reporting. With Omada Identity Suite you have the choice of preference as the solution dynamically adapts to the current needs of the business as well as adjusts over time without losing the consistency required for identity governance.


Reduce IT administration costs and save time

The platform is built on enterprise class components including the Microsoft platform for easy adoption into existing IT infrastructures and with deep integration capabilities into SAP and other enterprise applications. Leading organizations worldwide have chosen Omada’s solution to reduce IT administration costs and save time, enhance security, strengthen controls, and improve audit performance across on premise and cloud applications.


More features:

Identity and Access Governance Features 


More features:

Identity and Access Management Features 



Why choose Omada Identity Suite?

Omada's identity solutions work either as stand-alone or as a unified comprehensive solution that covers both identity and access governance and identity and access management. The suite is built on Microsoft technology and covers every aspect of identity management challenges in heterogeneous IT-environments.


Omada's solution supports continuous compliance and automation of IAM processes across on premise and cloud-based applications. Choose the solution that suits your needs:

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Leading Edge Compliance with Fewer Resources

Achieve compliance fast, reduce IT costs, and gain control across all enterprise applications and resources – from the datacenter to the cloud.


Achieve on-demand actual and historical overview of entitlements data for analysis, reporting, attestation, and data clean-up to ensure consistent fulfillment of regulatory compliance requirements

Eliminate “rubber-stamping” during re-certifications

Policy enforcement incl. segregation of duties (SoD) rules detects toxic combinations of resources assigned to the same person

Predefined management dashboards provide analytics and reporting for a complete overview with compliance relevant statistics

Achieve continuous control and get a complete overview of identities, to provide identity intelligence for analysis, and monitor compliance across on-premise and cloud applications


Unified Overview with Deep Access Intelligence

Establish an on-demand, real time overview of users and entitlements across scattered systems
- cloud-based, on-premise, hosted, or out-sourced to effectively enforce compliance requirements around security and privacy.


Gain critical visibility of access rights across the data center and the cloud to easily determine whether users have appropriate and valid access

Import of identity and access data from systems, directories, and databases like Active Directory, SharePoint, MS SQL Server, SAP, and RACF

Complete reporting for auditors, system owners, managers, end users

On-demand deep access intelligence - regardless of fulfillment/provisioning method

Easy data consolidation across all systems – cloud and on-premise

Smooth and Easy Technology Adoption

Achieve smooth and easy technology adoption in your organization. Omada Identity Suite is built on the Microsoft platform that is well adopted across IT organizations.


Intuitive end user experience with automated processes and step-by-step methodology

Empower your organization with self-service access request portal and automated user lifecycle processes for access rights request and approvals

Eliminate the need for manual routine work by automating granting of birth rights and other privileges when employees onboard the organization, change job roles, or leave the organization

Empower your organization to take action to approve, revoke, or remediate access privileges

Streamline user administration processes and improve organizational efficiency





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